Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Breguet, Ralph Lauren, Cartier louis vuitton usa and Dorchester Collection are getting a larger share of attention in the eclectically advertised July/August issue of WSJ. magazine.

Woody Allen's louis vuitton cross body bag star appeal as a film-industry juggernaut in combination with the diverse array of ad louis vuitton scarf categories louis vuitton official website allows the magazine to align with the audience's spectrum of interests. Advertisers in this 101-page issue may make stronger impressions and generate greater brand interest since they are not competing with substantial numbers of other ads from their industries.

"While there louis vuitton online may not be a particular product category dominating advertising in the book, there is a common thread in that they are mass-luxury brands," said Elizabeth DeMaso, managing director louis vuitton official website of Clutch Collective, New York.

"Whether it's Louis Vuitton or Ralph Lauren, these are well-known brands louis vuitton sale that offer both attainable luxury and truly high-end products," she said.

"With both up-and-comers and established individuals reading the magazine, these brands can reach both audiences simultaneously without diluting their positioning as a luxury brand."

Ms. DeMaso is not louis vuitton online store affiliated with WSJ. magazine, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

WSJ. magazine, which was unable to comment by press deadline, has a circulation of louis vuitton online approximately 1.5 million readers.

Room to breathe
Breguet opens the magazine with a two-page spread.

Breguet ad

Louis Vuitton follows with its "Chic on the Bridge" ad for handbags.

Louis Vuitton ad

Ralph Lauren continues louis vuitton handbags outlet with its widely louis vuitton sale advertised safari collection eyewear ad.

Ralph Lauren ad

Saint Laurent vies with Louis Vuitton for handbag attention.

Saint Laurent ad

The Dorchester Collection invokes its many properties with a louis vuitton online store two-page ad.

The Dorchester Collection ad

Then, Cartier takes the page next to the table of contents with its an ad for its Ballon Bleu de louis vuitton outlet online Cartier watch.

Cartier ad

Patron occupies the back cover. Other advertisers include Trump Hotel, Porsche-Design, Jet Suite, Knoll and American Express.

The louis vuitton outlet store featured stories in this issue focus on screenwriter and director Woody Allen's current aspirations and disposition.

Also, a story louis vuitton cross body bag titled "The Last Maharaja" looks at how the 38th successive ruler of an ancient Indian clan is converting his heritage into a luxury hotel.

Another story discusses the thriving art scene in Oslo, Norway, bolstered by a progressive government.

Fitting together
Orchestrating the advertising content can be a challenge for luxury magazines.

Some luxury magazines choose to designate specific themes for advertisers louis vuitton scarf to follow.

For example, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Richard Mille lead a long line of jewelry and timepiece advertisers that complement the "Leaders in Luxury" theme in the 137-page July issue of Robb Report.

Creating simple advertisements to go alongside the primary articles is an effective way for luxury brands to signal their loyalty to the overarching definition of luxury. Shining the spotlight on 19 luxury visionaries transforms the louis vuitton handbags outlet issue into a museum in which pages collectively promote something larger than what each page promotes individually (see story).

Also, Hearst's Town & Country showcases 17 new jewelry advertisers in its 149-page June/July issue including Chopard, LeViev, Parmigiani louis vuitton usa and Tag Heuer.

By advertising in an issue that skews so heavily towards jewelry, luxury brands may benefit from consumers checking out the magazine simply for a look at the current louis vuitton outlet online luxury jewelry market. Rather than acting as competitors, the sheer number of jewelry brands seems to turn the fragmented ads into a cohesive collection (see story).

On the other hand, WSJ. magazine elected to provide a diverse range of ads while not piling too heavily onto any single category. This may be due louis vuitton outlet store to the publication's diverse audience.

"Using the newspaper's positioning as a jumping-off point, the magazine delves into luxury lifestyle through the filter of an urban, finance-savvy reader," Ms. DeMaso said.

"In this way, it's quite different than the average luxury magazine," she said.

"The distribution reaches both an up-and-coming audience as well as those who are established leaders in their industries."